Computer Software Enhancement Training

Our testing software comes with extensive training modules on a variety of software. This can give you have more marketable skills and is very easy to complete as they are delivered you’re your email.

Debit Card Program

Rather than issuing you a check, the Chase E-funds Payroll Card gives you an opportunity to have your paycheck deposited directly to a debit card.  This is a great way to have instant access to your paycheck, especially if you do not have an established bank account.

Direct Deposit

Have the freedom of not having to pick up your paycheck every week.  Once you get started with your assignment, we can set this up for you at your existing bank.

Health Care Benefits

We offer the most comprehensive array of benefits to cover you during your employment with Express.  These benefits are available without a waiting period and are at very low cost.  Benefits include: Medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance.


A Company discount program for Express Employees, Associates, and Clients! Did you know that as an Associate of Express Employment Professionals you can receive numerous national discounts from a variety of vendors? These discounts are available to every associate and they can be substantial. Your employment with Express makes you instantly eligible!

Referral Rewards

The Referral Rewards program is our way to reward you for providing referrals to us on selected positions we recruit.  Please ask your Staffing Consultant which positions current offer rewards.

Retirement Savings Plan

A retirement savings plan is offered to associates in participating offices.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Associate Scholarship Program is extended to associates, their spouses and their children.

Disclaimer: The Express Employment Professionals franchise location in Warwick, RI does not offer paid vacation time, sick time, funeral time or unworked, paid holiday time.