There are plenty of valid reasons, and we’re here to help you overcome them.

For whatever reason, you don’t think you’re hireable. It could be as simple as not being prepared to rejoin the workforce, or as complicated as an illness or a disability.

These are all valid reasons to stay out of the workforce. However, there are opportunities that could fit your unique situation. We’re here to help.

You Aren’t Ready

For whatever reason, you’ve spent a number of years out of the workforce. Maybe you had a child and decided to stay at home fulltime to take care of them. Perhaps you were taking care of a sick friend or family member. It could even be you gave up on the job search because you became discouraged.

Getting back into the job search after a gap is difficult, but not impossible. If you’re having trouble getting interviews, the key is to change the way you job search. You can’t pretend the gap doesn’t exist. Acknowledge it, then revamp your accomplishments. You did things while you were out of the workforce. Maybe you joined volunteer organizations like the PTA or worked on side projects.

Have a plan (use your gap as your …read more

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